The general population has a love / hate relationship with wealth. They resent those who have it, but spend their entire lives attempting to get it for themselves. The reason a vast majority of people never accumulate a substantial nest egg is because they don’t understand the nature of money or how it works. Here are a variety of useful resources that can not only change the way you think about money but give you the tips and strategies to get on your road to financial freedom now.

Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill (MP3 Audio Edition)
Think and Grow Rich provides the reader with 13 key success principles for personal achievement. Reflected in these principles is the importance of cultivating a burning desire, faith, autosuggestion, and persistence in the attainment of one's goals. Hill also discusses the importance of overcoming many of the common fears that can adversely affect one's thinking and potential. All 15 chapters of this timeless classic are brought to you in MP3 format with over 8 hours of audio.You can listen to it on your iPod,DVD player, on your computer or in your car. (Download Size: 426Mb)
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