Virtual Coach

“Maximise Training Outcomes and Action Learning with Virtual Coach”

What is Virtual Coach?

Created by Michael Fox, Virtual Coach is a practical coaching-based tool used by participants at the end of the training session to maximise the action learning stage after the training is complete.

Who uses Virtual Coach?

Virtual Coach is used by trainers, presenters, facilitators and any other professional who conducts a learning and development session with a group of people.

Is Virtual Coach based on an Internationally recognised standard?

Yes. The Virtual Coach taps into International Coaching Federation (ICF) competencies:

  • Designing actions – client defined actions created as part of the training while awareness and commitment are at maximum
  • Managing progress and accountability – holding client’s attention on the key learnings they found in the training

How does Virtual Coach work?

Participant’s of a training or learning development programme will commence the training listening to the trainer, absorbing information and interacting with the trainer and participants.

As the training progresses, the participant is required to take in and process a lot of information. The more information they receive, there develops an increasing potential for the participant to become overwhelmed, stressed or even confused as the training reaches it’s completion.

This is when the Vitual Coach comes in.

In order to ensure that the participant receives maximum benefit from what they have learnt during the training, it is important that they make some clear commitments to themselves that will put the learnings into action after the training.

How do I start using Virtual Coach for my training sessions?

All you need to do is complete the form below and request that we send you a Microsoft Word template file that will allow you start using Virtual Coach for your training sessions.