Team building is important for home life with your family team and in business with your work team. What a team effort does is place the focus on the many and not the individual. Let’s take a closer look.

What a Team is:

Teams work together for one common goal. A team has one aim. They have a common goal for which every teammate has shared responsibility for completing and meeting that one goal. Everyone in the team understands the goal and is highly committed to it. To improve teamwork you simply must make sure that everyone on your team understands the goal and are all committed to meeting that goal.

How to Improve Teamwork:

Make sure that at all times everyone in your team understands the common goal and is fully committed to it. Without any of this in place, your team and the goal is in danger. You can make sure your team is working together by:

  • Making sure the team’s goals are clear
  • Making sure everyone in the team feels ownership and commitment to the goal
  • Ridding the team of anything that is inhibiting them from reaching the goal
  • A team is then working together, not as individuals, but as a whole to meet one common goal.

Types of Teams and Team Members:

Individual – A great team player is someone who is self-disciplined, likes to work and accomplish things. The team leader must take this person and help them meld into a team to work with other people and not just as one.

Small Teams – Small teams can be difficult because the team might overall feel as though they are inadequate. The team leader must help them see that they are not, and can work towards one common goal. In small teams, individual personalities and inhibitors can easily effect the rest of the individuals in the team. This is where the team leader needs to immediately address these issues and resolve them within the team.

Team Islands – Team islands, is of course a group of many different teams. The team leader should make sure that each team island respects the other teams. The team leader must make sure that although they are different teams that they can work together when they need to.

Large Teams – Large teams don’t often have that many problems, as there are so many people working towards the same goal. No one feels that they should “make waves” in such large teams, they would rather work as a team and accomplish their goals. When a new employee comes into the team their behavior might be different than everyone else’s, but they will soon meld into the team’s behavior with the team leader’s help.


So, in conclusion, a team consists of a group (small to large) of people who are committed to meeting one common goal. The team leader must keep their team motivated to achieve that goal. The team leader must make sure the goal is clear to everyone on the team, be able to find inhibitors and remove them, and therefore keep their team working towards the same goal with understanding and respect for one another.

Mark Coburn

Mark has a genuine passion for inspiring people and organisations towards transforming their dreams and goals into reality. His specific areas of focus include leadership development, team building, smarter goal setting, work life balance and interpersonal communication skills for business professionals.

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