The Super 7 Steps to Success

“Step up to Your Real Potential”

What does it take to be successful?

Does it take honesty, confidence, integrity, persistence, humility, decisiveness, a positive attitude, compassion, discipline, dedication, knowledge, enthusiasm, motivation, loyalty, being organized, or empathy?

Well … the truth is it could be some or all of these. What really matters is discovering what it is for you and your own personal and professional success formula.

What is the “Super 7 Steps to Success” and how can it help me?

The Super 7 Steps to Success is a coaching system we have developed to give you the power to turn your dreams into reality.

This coaching model is designed to support you in building a solid goal setting platform by empowering you to first clarify your personal and professional strengths, motivators as well as what’s important to you and the direction you would like to take in business and life.

Here’s a brief summary of the 7 steps to success and how they can unlock your true potential:

1. Qualities

Firstly, it is crucial that you understand your strengths, natural talents, abilities, and the things you can do with effortless ease.

2. Values

The next step is to discover what is important to you now and into the future. Is it health, happiness, creativity? Once you are clear on your values it is then important to understand which ones are your priority so you can make quality decisions both at work and in life.

3. Purpose

It is now time to map out your direction you would like to head. Purpose is all about what you are passionate about and what inspires and motivates you. Ask yourself … “what do I want to do that gives me a clear sense of meaning, reason for being and is highly significant to me?”.

4. Vision

Once your path is clear and you know your purpose and direction, you can begin to see your true vision on the horizon. Vision is about the big dream, your ideal future, the bigger picture or your grand future accomplishment – a bit like your life-long goal.

5. Mission

Now you are clear on what you what, your mission will enable you to define how you will accomplish your vision. Mission is all about taking action. It may be the new role you take on in your new career. Your mission provides you with the essence of momentum, fun, enthusiasm, motivation, energy, power and drive.

6. Effectiveness

So you are on your new path towards the success you desire. The question is how effective are you in getting there? Can you make improvements to your personal performance? Do you want to get there faster? This is where new strategies, pattern adjustments, and improved communication skills will drive increased efficiency, maximizing your performance and results.

7. SMARTER Goals

Yes … finally, you can now look forward to powerful and successful goal setting with SMARTER Goals that are designed to be Specific, Measurable, Aligned, Real and Tactical, Empowering and Rewarding.

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