SMARTER Tools For Achieving Your Goals

It’s time to get serious and turn your dreams into goals and your goals into reality with SMARTER Tools for Achieving Your Goals!


Mark CoburnWritten by Australian Success Coach, Mark Coburn, this eToolKit provides a highly strategic and practical system towards greater achievement and fulfilment for both your personal and professional interests.


What is the philosophy behind the SMARTER Goals system?

The SMARTER Goals methodology is underpinned by our 7 step goal setting and planning process:

SSpecific and clearly articulated, defining what it is specifically you want that will provide you with more success.
MMeasurable where there is a clear objective to the goal and an obvious trigger to determine when the goal has been accomplished. Also when the goal will start and finish.
AAligned with your vision, purpose and values. The goal must be meaningful, important to you and appropriately prioritized to ensure optimum balance and fulfillment.
RReal for you to achieve and within your reach. It’s also about gaining clarity on how much you really want to “go for it”.
TTactical and strategic. Practical brainstorming tools and action plans with action steps, resourcing and timeframes.
EEmpowering, motivational and inspirational. Keeping on track, focused, monitoring progress and making the required adjustments along the way is the success formula to achieving the intended goal.
RRewarding for you by honoring yourself and celebrating your success when you accomplish your goal.

An easy to follow approach to goal setting

An easy to follow step-by-step approach to goal setting that has provided me with more clarity on my goals.

Tania Messervy

The SMARTER Goals resource kit includes 25 goal setting tools that will give you the capability to discover how to:

  • Set a clear intention for what you want to achieve this year and beyond
  • Take a bigger picture view of your life or business goals and identify very quickly which areas need improving
  • Focus your energy into what is most important by effectively prioritising your goals
  • Define purposeful and realistic goals that get the results you truely desire
  • Brainstorm ideas and strategies for your goals
  • Put a simple and powerful goal action plan in place
  • Monitor and measure your progress
  • Keep on track, stay motivated and remain focused towards achieving your goals to provide the lifestyle you want

A clearer focus on goal setting

These tools have given me a clearer focus on goal setting activities, raised my motivation and encouraged my inspiration to keep on track with my life purpose.

Bob Parker


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Significant learnings regarding work-life balance

I was really impacted on what I learnt to assist my work-life balance. My commitment to being on purpose has been re-affirmed.

Steve Semmens - CEO


SMARTER Tools For Achieving Your Goals
Hit your target of success the SMARTER way with this comprehensive set of goal setting tools! It's time to get serious and turn your dreams into goals and your goals into reality!
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