Odile Williams

Odile WilliamsCorporate and Business Coach/Mentor, Workplace Facilitator
Master NLP Practitioner and NLP Trainer
Licensed Coaching ClinicTM Facilitator (Coach U)
Graduate Diploma (Business Management)
Accredited Extended DISC  Practitioner


My professional experience over the past 16 years includes working for large international corporations as well as small and medium enterprises in France, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Australia. I held management and leadership roles in the areas of project management, customer relations, marketing and public relations in various industries such as e-learning, cosmetics and luxury products. My mastery of 4 languages, my in-depth understanding of Western European, Asian, and Australasian cultures and my experience in working with different types of organizations are a major advantage when coaching and supporting/facilitating the development of individuals from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds. My style is direct, insightful, focused and results-driven.

Whether it’s facilitating a group session or in an individual coaching setting, I will Endeavour to create a safe and nurturing environment where I can gently challenge and push the individuals’ boundaries. I have a Bachelor of Arts (Chinese Lit.), Graduate Diploma in Business Management, Certificate in Economics I am a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer, Master NLP Practitioner, Coaching Skills Facilitator and a Certified Firewalking Instructor.

Specialty Areas

Performance Coaching

Working really long hours and yet not getting much done? Feel like you are having difficulty in communicating with staff and colleagues? Having a hard time setting goals and sticking to them? Leading a change project and not receiving the required buy-in? I will use my knowledge, skills and experience in time, project, change management and communication to assist you in increasing your performance and results.

Transition Coaching

Wanting to make a life/career transition? I have a successful track record in assisting people with successfully taking that first step.
Still working in a job/life situation that you’ve outgrown? Wanting to make the transition and live the life you’ve always dreamed of? My clients have started living their ideal lives. Using an Intuitive and model based approach, I will champion, challenge and coach you through this rewarding period of your life!

Retrenchment / Outplacement Coaching

Have you recently been or are you about to be retrenched? Still shocked by the news and not sure about the next steps? Let’s have a chat and deal with the emotions together. We’ll discover the extraordinary opportunity which awaits and take the necessary actions to leave you better off!

Business Mentoring

Recently launched your own business? I would love to partner with you and offer my business skills and share my experiences. I will also cheer and champion you in your path to business success.

Corporate Coach U – Coaching ClinicTM – Coaching Skills for Managers and Leaders Workshop Facilitation

Are you interested in learning the skills for conducting Coaching Conversations with your colleagues and staff? The Corporate CoachU – Coaching Clinic is a hands on and experiential 2-day workshop which effectively trains individuals in the skills necessary for facilitating Coaching Conversations within an organisation. It is a fully developed model, which executives, managers, leaders and coaches can implement immediately in their organisation to:

  • promote innovation and accelerate results
  • effectively develop and retain valuable organisational members
  • improve organisational communication and team effectiveness, and
  • deepen commitment to personal, professional and organisational goals.


“Dear Odile,

You have directed me ever so carefully with your insight to gauge and then focus on where I am now and where I would like to be on every facet of my life journey.

With a mutual understanding to challenge my thinking and your professional guidance, you have identified my strengths and weaknesses for personal growth.

Odile, you have helped me achieve all of this and more, as it has brought about self-recognition, internal happiness and self worth.

Thank you for sharing your inspiration.”

Sandra, Senior Project Officer, Southbank TAFE, Brisbane, Australia 
“Odile has, over a period of several months, assisted me to clearly identify my goals and directions. I now have an action plan, measurable performance indicators and constant reminders to focus on my goals. This has motivated me to the point where I am now holding myself accountable for my actions and progress.

In real terms, in the few short months I have been fortunate enough to have Odile’s assistance, I have taken a business, which was barely ticking over, to doubling its number of clients and tripling the number of client enquiries. All of which was achieved through my own better focus and without additional advertising or cost.

Thank you Odile for all that you have done for me. I am eternally grateful.”

Garry, Director, IT Company, Gold Coast, Australia

“Odile HBH Williams was the coach I was glad I had! She is committed, insightful and incredibly generous and supportive.

As a coach myself, I feel comfortable evaluating Odile at two levels: her skills as a coaching practitioner as well as her impact on me as my coach. I rate her very highly in both these areas.

During our three-month coaching series Odile helped me gain significant personal insights. Odile created a very safe space for me to explore and review/upgrade my beliefs, strategies and opportunities to successfully live my values in all aspects of my life. Our coaching relationship led to significant changes in my life – changes I know I would not have carried through on my own.

I found Odile to have integrity, not afraid to challenge me, very open and expressive. She displayed a deep commitment to my coaching success. Odile was quietly persistent and held me in a powerful space of accountability.

She is a great role model in the sense that she models and lives her coaching principles. I have already recommended her coaching services.”

Senior Executive – Queensland Government, Australia

“Through Odile’s techniques, my husband and I determined that we did in fact have common goals. I found Odile’s work very through and beneficial to my growth, both personally and professionally.”

Consultant, Local Government, Brisbane, Australia

Personal Interests

I currently share my time between my family – husband Jeremy and 2 children – Jasmine 7 and Xavier 4 and building my successful coaching and facilitation business. I am passionate about anything to do with personal development and leadership and read, watch and listen to anything which may come across my path on these subjects.

I also love cooking, baking and having friends around for parties. Our always popular meals include the “Raclette” – a very convivial meal where people cook around the table and eat Cheese and grilled food. Having grown up in Bordeaux – France, I love my wine and my good food!


One of my key achievements includes the successful launch and running of 2 MBA programs delivered exclusively via the internet. This was made possible through consultation, coordination and relationship management with the various stakeholders: students and tutors based all over the world, academic staff in Hong Kong and in the UK.

I also designed and facilitated online inductions for new students, tutors and university staff. My combined project management and people skills were critical in my management of the multimillion dollar PR project for Moet Hennessy (part of the LVMH luxury Group) in 7 Asian countries; the organisation and management of a Graduation Ceremony for over 1000 University Graduates and guests; and the development and launch of a pioneer e-learning platform.

A middle management executive had engaged me as her coach prior to a major reorganization in the leading food services company where she was working. Our coaching enabled her to remain calm and positive when facing her possible redundancy. She immediately started looking for new career opportunities and received 3 job offers within 2 weeks. Her new position has better prospects, together with a 55% increase in salary.

A senior executive came to me with a dream: to start a consultancy business. However, decades of full time, salaried work had created a sense of security and the fear of the unknown had prevented the client from taking action. During our coaching relationship, my client took a leave of absence from the high profile and well paid job to actually start the consultancy business. After 6 months, this business has now achieved a level of profit which has enabled the executive to resign from the position and enjoy the personally rewarding work and life balance that they had always yearned for.

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