Michael J Fox

Michael J FoxCorporate and Business Coach/Mentor
Intensive Coach Training Program (Results Coaching Systems)
Master of Business Administration (Griffith University)
Bachelor of Commerce (Griffith University)
Sessional Tutor, Griffith Business School (Griffith University)
Accredited Extended DISC  Practitioner


Starting my career as a telecommunications tradesman, I successfully transitioned to mall business owner and marketing professional with Telstra. After suffering from burnout in my marketing executive role, my next transition was to use the knowledge, experience and skills to build a new career in a healthier environment.

My career transition to professional coach has been amazing, presenting opportunities to draw on my experience to give back working with Teens – www.stepupfoundation.com and international professionals – www.bridgeworks.org.au while building my own business coaching practice working with business owners in Australia, USA and Singapore.

Specialty Areas

Business/Executive Coaching

My experience in the corporate environment has created substantial productivity gains impacting on thousands of employees. I use a focus on business process design to build courage, clarity and self-confidence in business leaders. Drawing on my extensive business experience I support clients in transition from hands on manager “working in the business” or “fighting fires” to true leader with the time, independence and information needed for powerful decision-making.

Group Coaching

My focus with group coaching is building the personal capacity of the individual. I work with the group to create a workspace where each member is able to take risks, to be vulnerable. In this workspace individuals are able to demonstrate their unique core competencies. I have successfully facilitated groups through the process of learning to respect the individual differences in style, empowering them to tap into the powerful combination of knowledge, experience and skill they represent.

Graduate Mentoring

My experience in mentoring university graduates has been a process of helping them become very clear about what they want in career and life, then identifying their unique core competencies and matching them to an organisation that needs a unique combination of education, experience, attitude, etc. I enjoy supporting the mentee in developing their networking skills – a vital aspect to being effective in corporate environments and the power and importance of the continuing investment in their unique core competencies.

My client base is business leaders in corporate, SME and start-ups who are committed to building businesses, departments or teams that are balanced, strong and not directly dependent.


“To put it right away: it was a great experience being coached by Mike. And he made me successful in overcoming and unblocking my sales/phone contact fears and objections.
He challenged, made me aware, listened, cared and pushed me to cut the “salami” piece by piece – into digestible and tasteful slices.

The result of my “masterpiece” – to first send an offer mail and then to contact potential customers respective companies: Out of 4 targeted companies 4 were willing to look further into my offer, two out of them immediately agreed to meet with me and one passed my mail to his HR manager with recommendations.

Feeling good about Mike’s coaching and achieving remarkable results – what more needs to be said about his coaching skills.

I recommend Mike with pleasure to everyone who wants to change his/her behaviour to something better than the existing ways of doing it.”

Klaus Nienhaus, Singapore

“Mr Mike Fox embodies for me all of the things that a coach should be.
He is professional, considerate and a stand for who I can be even when I am not.
Mike has me do the things that I don’t want to do so that I can be the person I want to be.
I have not only found Mike to be insightful and intuitive as to my needs but also dedicated and thoughtful with regards to my ongoing development.

It is my belief that one of Mike’s greatest qualities is his exceptional level of organisation. He is always punctual and keeps his word regarding all commitments.
Mike is a man of high integrity who communicates clearly and delivers consistently.
I am proud to recommend Mike and his services and I am more than happy to answer any queries you may have regarding my experience with Mike Fox … The Coach.

Lara Wilde, www.localintelligence.com.au, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia
“Mike Fox is an inspiring individual – having been a leader in the corporate world for many years, dealt with his own challenges and now dedicating his career to making a difference to others based on all those experiences and more is exceptional. Mike is also someone who provided enormous leadership within my own organization, stepUP Foundation. Mike, working with a small group of locals, really was the person who made our stepUP Roma Event happen – and trust me that takes something!

It takes being able to lead, being able to coach, being able to walk your talk for months on end, being able to manage a passionate group of volunteers all with no experience and more, to make a difference to the 220 teens who attended and the community of Roma at large. Those teens have never been the same as a result. Roma itself was impacted with the Mayor thanking stepUP for coming to town. That was largely Mike’s doing!

So I’m clear, working with Mike will impact your life and indeed your business in a positive way. Just take the coaching!! Mike continues to be a supporter of stepUP and we wish him every success moving forward. Thanks Mike for who you are and what you’re up to.”

Ryll Burgin, Founder stepUP Foundation www.stepupfoundation.com

Personal Interests

My family is the core of my non-business interests. Time with my wife and children gives me extraordinary pleasure whether it is travelling in Europe, coffee in a local café or even helping with work or university projects.

My own personal project is restoring the Toohey Forest bushland that forms our backyard and producing a photographic record of the flora of Mt Gravatt Reserve.

In alignment with these interests a percentage of all my coaching fees is shared between The Smith Family Learning for Life – www.smithfamily.com and Australian Bush Heritage Fund – www.bushheritage.org.au


The business achievements I am most proud of centre around my work empowering people:

  • Call Centre Turnaround – Utilising a clear understanding of the performance data, human factors and corporate objectives I took a 120 person call centre from almost zero grade of service to over 90% in two weeks and halved staff absence rates over following two months.
  • A Town Planning client who wanted to grow his business has moved from small leased premises to owning new commercial premises large enough to accommodate his growing staff. Business income has more than doubled. My client’s mindset has changed from self-employed to true business owner looking at investing outside his business.
  • A highly qualified experienced Consulting Engineer client was struggling to maintain motivation for build the business and worried about future prospects for retirement. Clarity about future income and expenses, strategies for building passive income and action to build investments outside the business provided the courage and self-confidence to grow the business and purchase larger business premises for future capital gain.
  • A personal client achieved a dramatic change in her life when she built a powerful new relationship with her father in Japan who she had barely talked to in a decade.

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