Leadership Development

Developing the Future Leaders of Your Organisation Today.

The Challenge

Leaders have an influence over other people. Their strengths can be a terrific benefit for the people who work for them. On the other hand, their limitations can trickle down and create frustration, confusion, or even paralysis for those they manage. Because they have this effect on others, leaders have a responsibility to know themselves.

Great leaders can read people. They know that employees have different skills, different concerns, and different levels of motivation. Further, they know that if they ignore these diverse needs, there is a greater chance that their employees will get frustrated with a lack of success or satisfaction; or just disengage from a project or team. Great leaders have learned to adjust their leadership style to both the employee’s style and the needs of the situation. This course is designed to help leaders and managers recognise an employee’s unique needs and remove any barriers that prevent that person performing to their potential.

The Training Solution

Through Extended DISC® Personal Analysis this workshop provides a safe, fun way for managers to understand and organise the strengths and challenges that they bring to the table. They gain a greater appreciation for the impact that their behaviour has on others, and discover how their personal style is read and filtered by different coworkers.

The training objectives are to:

  • Understand the strengths and challenges of your Extended DISC behavioural style
  • Appreciate all the different ways in which your behaviour can be interpreted
  • Receive feedback on your personal interaction style
  • Read the behavioural style and development needs of different employees
  • Understand the goals and fears of your employees
  • Adapt your management approach to match the ability level and motivation of your individual employees
  • Recognise and reduce employee opposition and resistance
  • Develop employees who are more energized, efficient and committed
  • Identify and remove obstacles that are holding back potential performance
  • Find ways to help people become more efficient and satisfied in their work

The Next Step

Contact us today to learn more about this training programme and how SuperSelf’s highly capable and experienced training team can empower your organisation towards higher performance.

We would also be happy to talk to you about how a training needs analysis can help clarify whether this programme or indeed a total training solution is appropriate for your business.