If you want to increase productivity and positively affect the lives of your employees you may want to consider having someone come in to your place of business to lead an achievement motivation class. Most achievement motivation training programs run three to five days.

The results that you can expect from an achievement motivation training program are quite good. Not only are you giving your employees an invaluable service that can benefit their careers and your business, but employees can also take the tools they learn and apply them to their personal lives. Not only will your employees thank you, but their families will, too.

So, what can you expect from an achievement motivation training program? The first day of the seminar the leader of the seminar will go about making a connection with the employees and he or she will go over the objectives of the program. Employees will be told that if they can commit to the program that by the time it is over they will have a stronger motivation to succeed in all areas of their lives.

The speaker will go on to define exactly what achievement motivation is and how having a high achievement motivation mindset can affect their lives positively. The group will be given activities to do which will help them see the importance of achievement motivation in the workplace, as well as in their personal lives. They will be shown how their motivations affect their behaviors. This often involves helping people get to the core of their motivations and desires, or understand why they do what they do.

The subsequent days of the achievement motivation seminar will comprise of teaching employees how they can use their imaginative thought processes to help them achieve their goals. Employees will be given examples of how they can identify their desires and use their achievement motivation to reach their goals in their everyday lives. For instance, they may be asked to go over a past situation in their life and to score whether their motivation was in the right place and/or if they drew from their inner achievement motivation properly to get the outcome they desired. Going through this process of looking back on a pivotal point in their lives helps employees identify how their motivation manifested and if they used it to their advantage or not. This is when many people discover that they sabotage themselves. Employees may then be asked to imagine the scenario differently and how they could have used their inner achievement motivation to change the outcome.

It is at this point in the achievement motivation seminar when the speaker will teach employees how their thinking process correlates to their success. This eventually leads into the part of the seminar where they are taught how to set realistic personal and career goals. Many times personal goals and career goals are in conflict with each other. Employees are taught that by working out a five year plan and using achievement motivation principles these problems can be rectified. How? The seminar teaches employees how to identify what their true motivation is and how they can use it to meet their personal needs and desires.

Once individuals know what they truly want in regards to their professional and personal lives they can begin to set personal goals which will guide them through their five year plan. Many achievement motivation seminars teach people how to journal or keep records of their progress and how to anticipate problems which may arise.

Once employees have finished an achievement motivation seminar they should leave with an understanding of who they are as individuals, what motivates them in life, what goals they want to achieve personally and professionally and they will have an action plan in place to help them use their motivation to their advantage.


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