Almost everyone has a hobby; a hobby is something which you take pleasure from doing and relieves boredom, stress and keeps you occupied in your spare time, however you can take some hobbies and develop them into successful businesses. Some people have started out with a hobby and built up a very successful business from the ground up by doing something that they, although some hobbies more than others naturally have more potential to thrive and expand. There are some points to consider when you are thinking of turning your hobby into a business.

Do you have the commitment?

While your hobby is something which you enjoy doing now in your spare time, would you have the commitment needed to stick with it if you were doing it full time, what’s more do you have the time needed to commit to make a business work? Doing something when you feel like it for fun is a totally different thing than if you are relying on it for an income.


You will have to determine how much it is going to take to finance your hobby as a business and get it off the ground, how will you finance it is an important point to consider along with your knowledge of running a business in general. Do you have a head for business or are you going to need any help and how much help will you need and what is it going to cost?

Business management courses

If you have a head for business then you may need to take a business management course, while you may have what it takes and the know how to manage a business successfully you may need to get qualifications or learn skills in order to run your business successfully.

Attracting customers

If you are going to successfully turn your hobby into a thriving business then it is essential of course that people know about you and what you are offering, therefore you have to think about widening your customer base. The Internet provides an excellent opportunity to widen your customer base internationally; the Internet delivers what you have to offer to millions of people around the world by advertising your business on your own website. Some knowledge of coding is needed and you may have to hire someone to work with you to design and plan your site and not only that you then have to get it out on the web by way of promoting it on search engines and buying advertising space.

Preparing yourself for success

If all goes according to plan and you have thought your plan through your new business will bloom and blossom into a success, when this happens you will have to be prepared for the transformations that will take place. If your business expands then it may become too large for a one man operation and then you will be faced with a whole new set of problems to contend with such as finding bigger premises, hiring extra staff and meeting greater demand.

Mark Coburn

Mark has a genuine passion for inspiring people and organisations towards transforming their dreams and goals into reality. His specific areas of focus include leadership development, team building, smarter goal setting, work life balance and interpersonal communication skills for business professionals.

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