The Effective Accounts Collector

“How to Get Paid Within 30 days Without Using a Baseball Bat!”

Have you ever experienced challenges in getting your customers to pay their bills on time?

Would it be useful to know how to approach your customers when it comes to asking for payment?

How much longer can you sustain healthy cashflow without getting those well earnt invoices paid during ecomonic times when cashflow is becoming an increasing challenge for many businesses?

It’s time to get the knowledge and support you need to crack the cashflow challenge during changing times.

What is included and what will I learn?

In this practical one day workshop, you will be introduced to many customer service techniques that will help you take control of slow paying accounts.  The programme provides you with a powerful set of credit collection strategies that will boost your cashflow and give you peace of mind, allowing you to focus more on your core business.

You will gain more awareness behind the psychology of your clients in relation to their ability to make payments and what you can do to empower and support them in this process.

What are the benefits?

By participating in this fun, exciting, hands-on and informative one day workshop and you will become a more effective accounts collector by learning how to:

  • Use effective collection techniques
  • Spot the difference between can’t pay and won’t pay
  • Make telephone calls that really produce results
  • Control your attitude and emotions by making the facts work for you
  • Avoid being caught by useless excuses
  • Make your telephone a dynamic collection tool
  • Write letters that generate cash
  • Collect the account and keep the customer

Who would be interested?

It is designed for anyone in business who needs to improve their ability to collect overdue accounts. It is also very applicable to larger organisations’ customer service and credit management staff.

It will provide you with real skills to make this important aspect of your business effective and at the same time, help to keep a good relationship with your customers.

What  is included in the training?

  • Workshop workbook and handouts
  • Lunch, tea and coffee

Our Guarantee to You – Risk Free

Provided you complete the workshop, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with what you have learnt. Otherwise, we will refund 100% of your investment and you still get to keep the workshop material – no questions asked.

The Next Step

Contact us today to learn more about this training programme and how SuperSelf’s highly capable and experienced training team can empower your organisation towards higher performance.

We would also be happy to talk to you about how a training needs analysis can help clarify whether this programme or indeed a total training solution is appropriate for your business.