Bridging the Generations

“The New Approach to Securing Your Organisation’s Future Workforce.”

Intergenerational conflict is threatening to upset the harmony within the workplace as the gap widens between baby boomer management and a younger generation with very different values, motives and goals.

The Challenge

Employers are finding it harder to understand and motivate younger workers. The latest generation to enter the workforce is said to be singularly disengaged and getting them motivated is now appearing as one of management’s most urgent challenges.

Some newer employees under 30, seem to reject the ‘corporate system’ with little interest in a lifetime career, and even less in organisation loyalty. Top management are challenged by respecting and accepting the values of younger workers or know how to leverage their knowledge.

Many of the traditional motivators such as money or authority no longer hold as much sway among younger workers. Many younger workers in today’s world look for self-happiness, not self-sacrifice, and most unlikely not if the sacrifice is for the company.

One of the most difficult for employers to accept is that many of the younger generation workers see their job as disposable and not as a source of their happiness. The gap isn’t a passing problem and unless management deals with it effectively intergenerational conflict will undermine organisational cohesion and job performance.

Younger people saw their father or mother used by the corporation and then discarded. They have seen the cost to their parents’ livelihood and emotional well-being, and are determined not to get caught in the same trap. As a result, many of them are putting their own happiness and contentment first.

Ask yourself … how does management mobilize the human assets in an organisation when everyone’s motivating factors are different? How does management deal with everyone as individuals and align their values with corporate objectives?

So … what is the solution?

It is important to cultivate a common understanding, acceptance and respect for each generation’s unique experiences, values, motives, beliefs and goals.

Developing more creative workplace solutions to address the diversity of the issues, needs, values, motives and goals of employees will go a long way towards a more productive and harmonious workforce.

The Next Step

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