Although life to some extent has gotten better with advancements in technology over the past few years in a way we have taken steps backward also, we now have the internet available to us 24/7 which gives us access to a wide range of entertainment that we didn’t have years ago.

TV sets have got bigger and we can gain access to R rated movies with the click of a button, video games have took off in a huge way and children are now running around in their virtual world brandishing guns, knives, bombs and going on killing sprees in extremely gory detail.

Everyday the newspapers splash headlines of murders, robbery and rapes but is there any wonder when we are constantly being bombarded and tempted with movies, games and some of the things the World Wide Web has to offer.

Sure we can choose not to watch the movies, not to play the games or to delve into the seedier parts of the World Wide Web, but the temptation is there and not everyone can resist, we all know that temptation is just that, if we think we shouldn’t do something then we cannot resist doing it or taking a peek, if nothing else but out of curiosity. But does it hurt us, can what we see or do really influence us in our actions in life, some of course argue that yes it does, being continually bombarded with violence and sex can change how we think and feel so the possibility of it gradually beginning to affect our thoughts, feelings and actions is extremely likely.

If violence is portrayed as being fun in video games then aren’t children getting the wrong idea? When younger people, particularly girls, see size 0 women parading on the catwalk are they going to eat that healthy balanced meal that you put in front of them or are they going to nibble on a lettuce leaf to shed yet more weight?

The Internet allows us to parade our lives for all the world to see by way of blogs and chat rooms, would we leave our front door wide open and encourage strangers to walk in off the street? Only a fool would do that yet we allow not only our children unrestricted access to the net but we also do it ourselves.

We write blogs, fill in profiles, post photos of ourselves and where we live, we even put our phone number down on the profile sometimes, while there are many good uses of the Internet such as bringing families and loved ones closer together, it can also be used by the spider cunningly faking, just sitting and waiting to draw some unsuspecting person deeper into their web of lies and deceit and then when all seems well, will strike with sometimes deadly force.

Advancements in technology aren’t bad, its how these advancements are used that is the problem and the type of person we can become from using them constantly, we have to avoid temptation if we are to live a better life in the future.

Mark Coburn

Mark has a genuine passion for inspiring people and organisations towards transforming their dreams and goals into reality. His specific areas of focus include leadership development, team building, smarter goal setting, work life balance and interpersonal communication skills for business professionals.

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