Advantages of Being Assertive

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In an average day, you probably have a number of opportunities to openly express yourself. Stating your preferences in simple, honest terms can help you build the life you seek.

Enjoy these benefits by building your assertiveness skills and putting them into practice:

1. Cultivate contentment with life. The more you ask for what you desire, the more likely you are to get it. When you regularly obtain what you want, you’ll find more satisfaction in your life.

2. Have freedom to ask for what you want. In being assertive, you can feel free to share your emotions with others in appropriate ways, without hurting their feelings.

3. Enjoy more stable relationships. One of the wonderful side effects of demonstrating effective assertiveness skills is that you’ll experience more stable relationships with less conflict.

4. Others see you as honest. When you habitually communicate assertively, people know you aren’t going to pull any punches. They believe you’re going to honestly say how you feel and they don’t have to worry about what’s going on with you.

5. Manifest greater self-confidence. Interestingly, the more you express your own wants and needs, the more your confidence will grow. Those who assert themselves regularly in the course of their daily lives tend to believe they’ll be successful in whatever they do.

6. Attune yourself with your self-worth. Can you imagine doing anything that will make you feel more worthy than simply and honestly asserting yourself? After all, nothing else says, “I know that I’m a worthwhile person” better than being forthcoming about what’s on your mind.

7. Set the example. As you freely and appropriately express yourself, those around you see the enriched life you lead and are encouraged to go after those same rewards. They’ll emulate the confidence you demonstrate with your assertiveness skills.

The more you speak up for your desires, the better your life becomes. Practice assertiveness daily. When you do, you’ll inspire those around you and ignite your own passion for life.

Mark Coburn

Mark has a genuine passion for inspiring people and organisations towards transforming their dreams and goals into reality. His specific areas of focus include leadership development, team building, smarter goal setting, work life balance and interpersonal communication skills for business professionals.

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