Achieve Your Goals the SMARTER Way

Is it time to take a new look and consolidate your future direction?

Have you ever experienced challenges in clearly defining an action plan for your goals?

How often have you been able to stay motivated and achieve your 12 month goals before you start looking at the next list of New Year resolutions?

Get ready for this workshop experience that will give you the ultimate balance of inspiration, fun, interaction and an abundance of valuable information for you to put into immediate action.

Achieve Your Goals the SMARTER Way

What are the benefits I will receive?

By participating in this exciting, practical and informative workshop you will discover how to:

  • Set a clear intention for what you want to achieve in 2009 and beyond
  • take a bigger picture view of your life or business goals and identify very quickly which areas need improving
  • focus your energy into what is most important by effectively prioritising your goals
  • define purposeful and realistic goals that get the results you truely desire
  • brainstorm ideas and strategies for your goals
  • put a simple and powerful goal action plan in place
  • monitor and measure your progress
  • keep on track, stay motivated and remain focused towards achieving your goals to provide the lifestyle you want

Assisting planning for my success

The SMARTER tools have given me a way to focus and prioritise to assist me in planning for my success.

Andrew Edwards - Internet Marketing Specialist

Who will benefit from attending?

This workshop is highly recommended for both professional and personal use. In particular:

  • Business owners or managers who are looking for a fresh approach towards goal setting and achieving their goals more effectively
  • People who have some significant decisions to make next year
  • Employees looking to transition into a new career or take action on a new business idea
  • Those who wish to clarify and develop an action plan for a more balanced lifestyle and determine what their priorities are for the year

Significant learnings regarding work-life balance

I was really impacted on what I learnt to assist my work-life balance. My commitment to being on purpose has been re-affirmed.

Steve Semmens - CEO

 The Next Step

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We would also be happy to talk to you about how a training needs analysis can help clarify whether this programme or indeed a total training solution is appropriate for your business.